One year ago I had my last drink of alcohol. Already with that short sentence I can feel the judgement of some that read it. Perhaps after finishing reading this your judgment will change. What is weird about my story is some people, who I would consider friends, or even family, people I am close to do not know that I quit. I never wanted to make it a big deal, partially because I knew people would not accept it. I would get asked questions I didn’t want to answer, I would get comments that would make me question my…

It was the middle of June and as average person who every four years becomes extremely excited to watch CNN for 17 months straight I watched in awe as this business tycoon glided down an escalator to announce his intent to run for the highest office in the world. I, like many others, did not think Donald Trump would do much in the Presidential race, I mean he is a celebrity, a reality TV super-star, not a politician.

Even though I watched, and laughed at those that took him seriously; I kept waiting for the joke to end. I mean…

Justin M. Boyd

Business Philosopher, Workout enthusiast, Political junkie. Father & husband. Life is better with empathy & gratitude. 💚

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