Justin M. Boyd
2 min readNov 25, 2021

Thankful. No doubt the star word of the day. One may reflect and start their list of those whom they are pleased are a part of their life: their spouse, children, friends, perhaps a few coworkers. They may even roll through a few things that make the register like a home, a car, the food on the table.

These are wonderful to feel gratitude toward and if today does nothing else but serve as a reminder of comfort in contentment than it has done well. My hope for me, is today sets a new example of gratitude that I can carry forward. To celebrate the everyday feelings and emotions that I receive from some of these things.

The safety my wife makes me feel safe when I am healing. The warmth a soft blanket provides when my feet are cold on the couch. The joy my daughter brings me when she accomplishes something new. How strong and powerful I feel when I reach a new PR at the gym. The perfect timing of a nice message from a friend when I am having a rough day. The wonderful sense of accomplishment when I finish a good book.

These small, little moments that we feel every day and often never appreciate. In our busy lives we give chase, trying to catch wonderful points in our lives but when you practice gratitude you no longer have to continuously run toward, but you begin to recognize the abundance around you.

Goals are important. New things to stimulate us and help us grow. However we often underestimate the influence of the little things.

Today, as we do every year I will think of things and people that I am thankful for. But I will also ponder the “why” behind those gifts in my life. What about them makes me grateful? How do they make me feel? How often throughout the year do I let them go unnoticed?

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Justin M. Boyd

Business Philosopher, Workout enthusiast, Political junkie. Father & husband. Life is better with empathy & gratitude. 💚